Electric toothbrushes find a new home!

Electric toothbrushes find a new home!
mayo 28, 2017 Lloyd Admin
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Homlessness is no laughing matter and these poor electric toothbrushes know this all too well.

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Meet Old Bill, Pammie, Miguel and Pammie as they tell us their stories of woe. These poor unloved electric toothbrush heads are all homeless, living either where they were dropped or in less than desirable dwellings.

Old Bill is an old Scottish electric toothbrush head who has been dropped behind the sink and has been there some time, highlighted by his long ginger beard.

Electric toothbrushes should be kept clean and dry, away from dust and dirt, but Old Bill’s situation is certainly not that.

Pammie is something of a celebrity amongst electric toothbrushes. She used to be a Hollywood star enjoying the finer things in life but now, alas, is stored away in a dirty bathroom cabinet. Inevitably, being as unhappy as she is, Pammie has developed a bit of drink problem and now consoles herself in a regular tipple of mouthwash.

Miguel comes from Spain. Electric toothbrushes are not usually fit for life underground but Miguel has had to adap, being dropped down the plughole by his owner. Complete with his hard had and torch, Miguel explains his sometimes ‘very wet’ way of life living in the drain pipe.

Electric toothbrushes should be clean and healthy and that’s what Bella used to be. She is a fitness fanatic but since moving to her new home, a mouldy cup full of germ filled goo, she is anything but healthy.

But all is not lost. There is hope for these poor electric toothbrushes. Keep watching and see how Seemii Electric Toothbrush Head Holders have transformed the lives of these unfortunate characters.

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